Decisions, Decisions

Early on in my career I learned the value of spending time clarifying what the true design criteria is for any given project. I also learned that often the client isn’t able to clearly articulate that. Some clients have a very nebulous idea of what they are after, and often it is something as generic as, “We want more space.” Others may know in their own mind what they are after, but getting that mental image articulated clearly with verbiage that we are both interpreting in the same manner can be a challenge.

The art of decision making includes the art of questioning.

~ Pearl Zhu

In an attempt to assist me in clearly identifying the needs and wants of my clients, I developed a Design Questionnaire. This questionnaire is completed by every client I work with, and has proven to be of great assistance to us. In fact, it has proven valuable enough, that a number of General Contractors I have worked with over the years have also adopted it for use with clients.

So if you are considering having a custom home designed and built for you, please feel free to utilize this tool to assist you in organizing your thoughts, and the direction(s) you might want to take in designing your new home.

Of course, I hope you’ll utilize me in the designing of your custom home, but regardless, your design professional and builder will be very grateful for the insight and direction this questionnaire can provide.