DS Shumway Logo

If you want to discover the true character of a person, you only need observe what they are passionate about.

~ Shannon L. Alder

The logo above is more than just a squiggly yellow line in a black circle. It’s representative of a few things that I am passionate about, and perhaps even more significantly, it is representative of my initials and provides a literal means of putting my name behind the work I do.

For a tiny glimpse into my character, please take a moment to explore a few of my passions using the links below.


Architectural Design and Drafting Services

Fly Rods

Functional works of art, painstakingly handcrafted from bamboo.

The Dry Fly Guy

There is fly fishing, and then there is dry fly fishing.

Coachman Press

The publishing imprint of D.S. Shumway’s novel: Neap Tide.